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UNACEM’s Amancay Sanctuary: a natural refuge that preserves the emblematic Amancay Flower

  • On World Environment Day, UNACEM invites the public to enjoy this sanctuary that is home to about 180 species of flora and fauna, where sports such as cycling, trail running and trekking can be practiced in a sustainable manner.

This flower, unique in the hills of Lima, has a very special meaning for the city. In the seventeenth century, the ancient inhabitants of Lima enjoyed its beauty during the unique walks and rides that took place during the Amancay Festival on June 24, where typical dishes were served and people danced to the rhythm of the zamacueca. Over the years, the flower inspired artists, composers and intellectuals, who included it in songs, paintings and poems.

Today, this species, which blooms only once a year and for a short time, is in a vulnerable situation due to unplanned urban growth in the areas surrounding the hills. Therefore, the conservation of this ecosystem is vital for the preservation of this flower.

UNACEM’s Amancay Sanctuary is one of the few natural refuges in Metropolitan Lima where this exceptional species of our flora can be appreciated. The space of about 800 hectares has been recognized by the Ministry of Environment as the first Private Conservation Area (ACP) of Metropolitan Lima. In addition to contributing to the conservation of this important ecosystem and the Amancay Flower, the Sanctuary has become an ideal place to enjoy ecotourism, practice sports with family or friends, and carry out experiential and playful educational activities to raise awareness about its care.

“In UNACEM we work for the wellbeing of the communities and the protection of the environment. For more than 30 years, we have contributed to the conservation of the coastal hills through the Amancay Sanctuary, a unique natural refuge where more than 90 species of flora and 89 species of fauna coexist. We have the responsibility to continue conserving this natural area, which has become a space for recreation and encounter with the environment, where sport, nature and society are connected. We are proud that this Private Conservation Area is a reflection of our firm commitment to sustainability,” says Julia Sobrevilla, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Grupo UNACEM.

This UNACEM Private Conservation Area is part of the Peruvian company’s voluntary efforts to build a sustainable world, caring for and protecting the environment and promoting the well-being of Peruvians.

“Grupo UNACEM already has a cement roadmap for all the countries where it operates, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. “This is a cross-cutting objective in which we promote and drive various initiatives focused on reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. In line with these objectives, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of all our products by 2030. We also plan to reduce the use of fossil fuels and are working to increase electrical and thermal efficiency in our production process. In addition, we are committed to developing new technologies, actions and processes to mitigate CO2 emissions in cement manufacturing and to investing in nature-based solutions,” says Carlos Adrianzén, UNACEM’s Safety, Environment and Sustainability Manager.”

A space open to the public

On the occasion of World Environment Day, which is commemorated on June 5th, UNACEM wishes to reiterate its commitment to the conservation of biodiversity, and invites the public to visit the Amancay Sanctuary, located between Pachacamac and Lurin, where they can also practice recreational and sports activities, such as trekking, trail running and cycling, surrounded by a large amount of flora and fauna, as well as visit pre-Hispanic archaeological sites.

Between June 24 and July 15 is the best season to enjoy this natural place, because it is when the Amancay Flower blooms, allowing the visitor a special contact with nature. It is worth mentioning that the Sanctuary is open all year round and admission is by prior registration in order to guarantee the carrying capacity and safety of visitors.

There are currently three trekking routes for recreational activities: El Huarango, Las Begonias, and El Mirador, which have different distances and levels of difficulty. Because they are considered fragile places, recreational visits to the limited-use zone of the Amancay Sanctuary and the Pueblo Viejo-Pucará archeological site are only available on Saturdays and Sundays with prior registration (Monday through Wednesday). Visits to practice sports such as cycling and trail running can be made every day. In this case, the visit can be scheduled until 7:00 p.m. the day before.

For more information and inscriptions, you can visit the Instagram account @santuario.amancay or the website