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Caring for the environment is not just a promise, it is a commitment.

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Climate Action Projects

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Environmental investments in relation to 2021


Tons of waste reused

Our Three Pillars of Action

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Climate action

We aspire to be carbon neutral by 2050 through the implementation of new and innovative technologies that contribute to mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change. These actions are focused on achieving the migration to alternative energies and sustainable materials, and carbon capture and/or offsetting.

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Environment and Biodiversity

We responsibly manage the ecosystems where we operate. Our main projects include the Amancay Sanctuary, the first private conservation area in metropolitan Lima, and the inclusion of Celepsa in the Board of Trustees of the Nor Yauyos Cochas landscape reserve.

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Circular Economy

We continue to regulate the percentage of our waste and recycled/reused materials from construction, cement and energy, thus contributing to the mitigation of natural resource use. We also integrate co-processing through the use and creation of alternative fuels.

Projects and Success Cases

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Amancay Sanctuary: The first Private Conservation Area of Metropolitan Lima

UNACEM Peru promotes the preservation and research of the species of the ecosystem of the hills and the development of activities for local populations. Among its main milestones is the conservation of the Amancaes flower and the sustainable care of the area in which it is located.

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Decrease of clinker content per ton of cement

Our cement business units in Peru and Ecuador made the most significant progress in reducing the use of clinker, with a clinker-cement factor of 85% and 70%, respectively.

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UNICON became the first ready-mix concrete company to be certified to measure its Carbon Footprint to scope 3.

Our ready-mix concrete company in Peru received this certification that supports the sustainable management of its production processes.

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Reduced water consumption due to process treatment and recirculation system

UNACEM Ecuador has managed to reduce its water consumption by 43.64%. In addition, as of 2022, the percentage of recycled/recirculated water was 68% of a total freshwater withdrawal of 471,694,000 m³.