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Innovation transforms our impact on the environment

We transform the way we work to drive and create innovative solutions.

Innovation allows us to provide greater value to our customers and make our processes more efficient by strengthening our capabilities, adapting processes and making use of new technologies and methodologies.

Our Three Strategic Pillars

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Customer-Centric Innovation

We perfect our processes, optimizing our delivery times and adapting to the needs of our customers.

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Culture of Innovation and Development of Digital Capacities

We strengthen the capabilities of digital transformation and innovation in our teams by implementing agile methodologies in project management.


Process Innovation

We optimize and refine our processes through robotic automation and with programs that push our teams to solve challenges.

Stories of Success in our Business Units

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SI UNICON: Real-time order scheduling

Thanks to this tool, our concrete business unit in Peru has been able to reduce order confirmation and scheduling time from 24 hours to 5 minutes and enable online scheduling.

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Triple C label to promote carbon-negative engagement

Celepsa implemented a label that provides its customers with the certainty that the energy they purchase is 100% from renewable sources. As of 2022, 5 customers have obtained this certification.

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Business analytics, chat applications and geo-referencing in cement sales

UNACEM Peru implemented dashboards developed in Tableau business intelligence software to track sales by channel, product, area, distributor, unit of measure, plant and customer.

Our innovation-focused digital startup.

We want to enhance the value proposition of Grupo UNACEM companies, strengthening the objective of always being committed to our customers.
To become a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship for disruptive digital business models of the Grupo UNACEM.

Your partner in your goals

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We seek to fulfill the objective: "Together we connect and make the construction channel sustainable, revolutionizing its experience and well-being".
That is why we created a new platform that allows customers, partners and the logistics chain to visualize orders, payments and queues for the delivery of their products. As of 2022, it has benefited 300 customers and 2,500 drivers with better planning of cement pickup at the plant.